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Image by Max Kolganov
music teacher

Jisu – Violin & Piano Teacher

Jisu holds an Honours Bachelor of Music in Violin Performance and Composition from the University of Toronto. She is a versatile musician who loves teaching and composing music. As an active soloist, Jisu has won multiple awards at different violin competitions including the Chung-nam Music Festival Violin Competition, the Richmond Music Festival Competition and the Kiwanis Music Festival Competition. She was also the proud recipient of U of T’s Gerhard Kander Graduating Award for Violin.

Jisu is a passionate music educator and creates a joyful and engaging class environment that supports her students’ musical emotional growth. She is a strong believer in the effectiveness of developing individualized lessons for students. As an experienced instructor, she understands that individuals often face different challenges, and adjusts her approach accordingly, finding relevant solutions and teaching techniques suitable for each individual student. Her dynamic teaching approach allows her to develop strong relationships with her students, which gives her the opportunity to better engage and motivate them.

As a person who is bilingual, Jisu equates learning music to learning a new language. Just as the main purpose of learning a language is to express ourselves, Jisu believes that the most satisfying aspect of studying music is not just learning the techniques but is also the process of developing musical ideas and learning to express music in our own ways. With this thoughtful approach, she supports her students not only in developing their self-confidence, but also their creativity.


When she is not teaching or performing, Jisu can be found composing music, taking photographs and playing with her cats Mia and Millie.

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