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Image by Daniel Spase
music teacher

Taky – Piano & Theory Teacher

Takouhi was born in a family of musicians in Aleppo. She graduated with a Diploma in Music and Theory from the Aleppo Conservatory of Music and further studied piano and harmony with renowned professor, Hrant Kevorkian. As the former Principal of Parsegh Ganatchian Music School and Music Professor at the Karen Jeppe Armenian College, she managed and assessed over 375 students annually.

Takouhi helps students of all ages to discover their passion for studying music. With over 30 years of practical knowledge and experience, Takouhi brings efficiency and motivation to every piano lesson. She emphasizes the development of technical skills to support musicality while adjusting her methods to her students’ unique learning styles and capabilities. She works in conjunction with parents and students to set consistent and attainable goals while inspiring, instructing and creating a positive learning experience for her students.

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