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Image by Dan Dennis
music teacher

Zoe – Vocal & Piano Teacher

Zoe is a teacher and a performer. She fell in love with music after taking her first lesson at the age of six and that love has never faded. Her musical education started with stints at the Ontario Conservatory of Music, Big Voice Studios, and studying under other qualified private teachers such as Susan Cuthbert and Rosalind Mills. Zoe was also a Drama major at Claude Watson High School for the Arts and has recently graduated from Randolph College for the Performing Arts.


Her time in the former has helped her personalize her music, allowing her to take it to the next level. Zoe’s main goal when teaching piano and vocals is to give students a strong foundation to build upon including introducing important concepts and healthy technique, as well as helping to foster good practicing habits. She also uses her acting training to help students take their pieces to the next level, by showing them different ways to find deeper meaning and ways to tell an engaging story. In addition, Zoe takes an individualized approach when introducing these concepts to students. She bases her teaching methods and pacing on the experience, temperament and aspirations of each student in order to ultimately
pass on the joy of music.

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