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Image by Daniel Lazar
music teacher

Lucy – Piano & Vocal Teacher

Lucy is a passionate teacher whose journey in learning music started when she was 9 years old. Inheriting the musical talent from the musical family she grew up in and working on her passion for piano made her a remarkable student. She graduated from the local Musical Conservatory as a piano performer with high distinction. After graduating, she has continued her training in classical music under the supervision of the Russian expert Daria Kasatkina. Throughout her years in the Conservatory, she has participated in many local recitals and master classes.

Her perspective in teaching music is to cultivate the love of music in her students and to encourage them to do what they love in the best way possible. Lucy is a dedicated, patient and caring person who adapts to the unique learning needs of each student. She always strives to bring the best outcomes in each student by incorporating special teaching styles and motivating students in different ways. She sees music as the universal language through which individuals can express themselves to the world.

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