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Image by Anne Nygård
music teacher

Narineh – Piano & Theory Teacher

Narineh received her undergraduate degree from the Armenian Music Institute of Aleppo where she was twice awarded first place in performance. Narineh holds Masters degree in Composition and Performance and is currently continuing her studies at the Royal Conservatory of Music. She is a composer and loves arranging solo and accompaniment pieces.

Narineh’s teaching methods focus on teaching variety of music genres including classical and improvisation. She also prepares her students for RCM examinations and stage performances. Narineh uses a variety of effective techniques to make lessons fun and enjoyable for her students. She follows systematic and educational methods in teaching music theory by connecting it with practical application to help her students form a solid base for their musical studies.

She enjoys her job as a teacher, and likes to share her knowledge with students of different ages and skill levels. Her motto is “Work in silence, and let your success make noise”.

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