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Melody School of Music has been offering exceptional violin lessons in Toronto for over a decade.

With its origins in classical and folk music, today the violin is also appreciated in a wide variety of other musical genres, including rock, jazz and beyond.

From mastering the proper violin posture to learning to read and play violin music, let Melody School be your playground as you explore this exquisite yet bold instrument.

Learn to Play the Violin with Melody School of Music

Our well-educated, experienced teachers will support you all the way through your learning journey. Together, you will cover the foundation and gradually move on to more advanced material.

Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate or advanced player, we have the right teacher for you. What’s more, we’ll personalize the program to fit your learning style and a pace you’re comfortable with.


We’ll Help You Improve Your Performance Skills

We encourage our students to showcase their talents by participating in our music recitals. We organize recitals twice a year and host them in large, fully-equipped auditoriums.

From helping you pick the right melody to practicing with you, our dedicated teachers will prepare you to perform on stage.

Session of 10 lessons


30-min $440 

45-min $660

1-hr $880

There is a $45 registration fee. 
There are no taxes added to the fees.

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